Exploring Unknown Trans-Altai Gobi Desert



Before China became the world power that it is today, there was Mongolia, the former empire of Genghis Khan. As an important center on the old Silk Route, Mongolia became a crossroads of diverse people, and today, this enchanted land of steppes, taiga and desert is as culturally thriving as ever. While its capital city of Ulaanbaatar has embraced capitalism and is pulsing with modernity, much of the rest of the country remains a throwback to another age and the country is working to preserve its most precious landscapes and wildlife.  There’s no better way to see Mongolia than by experiencing the nomadic life, and our itinerary allows you to ride a camel through the Gobi Desert, overnight in traditional Gers (yurts), trek through the unknown Trans - Altai Gobi region and explore it with it's endangered species, see old vestiges of the Silk Road, and visit Buddhist monasteries. Topped off with plenty of genuine encounters with locals, your eyes will pop wide open at the beauty of this profoundly ancient land and its warm and welcoming people.




  • Get a taste for the friendly and authentic Mongolian culture as you meet local nomads, rides horses and camels and overnight in standart ger (yurt) camps, 
  • Experience the golden sand dunes of the Gobi Desert atop a Bactrian camel, and take rewarding daily walk through desert and environments
  • Self-drive 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series, especially built for off road with bilingual, experienced tour guide
  •  Explore the beautiful Oasis of UNKNOWN Trans - Altai Gobi Desert with it's endangered species such as Gobi Bear - Mazaalai,
  • Travel by your own desire and drive through hidden roads which is away from mainstream tourist routes,
  • Meet the Eagle Hunters and learn from them with opportunity of spotting snow leopard

Accommodation & Rates

(20 days, 19 nights)

During our trip we'll stay 20 days and 19 nights. Among these days we'll stay:

3 days on Deluxe rooms of 3 starred hotels,

2 days on Exclusive Guest House

11 days on Tented camp

3 days on Standard ger camps


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  • 4x4 SUV for self driving purpose,
  • Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Dinner (D), 
  • Necessary tools, equipments, first aid kit, insurance notes
  • Basic camping gear, cooking utillites,
  • 24hour roadside assistance 
  • Bilingual, experienced guide service
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Free luggage storage service
  • Accommodation 


In the case of a cancellation, please contact us in written form. Notification of cancellation must be received in writing by Drive Mongolia. At the time, we receive your written cancellation, the following penalties will apply:

·      Up to 90 calendar days prior to departure $150 per person handling fee;

·      60-89 calendar days prior to departure: 10% of the trip cost per person;

·      30-59 calendar days prior to departure: 25% of the trip cost per person;

·      7-29 calendar days prior to departure: 50% of the trip cost per person;

·      1-7 calendar days prior to departure: no-refund.