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Our itineraries are incredibly diverse, ranging from a serious off-road driving to comfortable and relaxing trips, a cultural exploration of Mongolia and a rare Mazaalai safari to an active family adventure on the beaches of Khuvsgul lake! For those of you looking to prolong the adventure, we offer travel extension itineraries on many of our trips, and for those of your short on time, we also offer brief getaways. No matter what you choose, we promise it will be monumental, as every trip to Mongolia is also a voyage within.

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Trip to Legendary Gobi Desert and Altai Mountains

On this adventure, you’ll travel this immense, ochre colored sand of the Gobi Desert in the south - including White Stupa, concentration of Petroglyphs, the singing dunes of Khongoryn Els and Great Mountains and Beautiful lakes on the road to the West. All along the way you’ll marvel at sheer expanse of untamed land, uninterrupted by roads or fences, where there precious little evidence of human presence save for the nomads’ white felt gers, which dot the landscape.

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Exploring Unknown Trans-Altai Gobi Desert

 There’s no better way to see Mongolia than by experiencing the nomadic life, and our itinerary allows you to ride a camel through the Gobi Desert, overnight in traditional Gers (yurts), trek through the unknown Trans - Altai Gobi region and explore it with it's endangered species, see old vestiges of the Silk Road, and visit Buddhist monasteries. Topped off with plenty of genuine encounters with locals, your eyes will pop wide open at the beauty of this profoundly ancient land and its warm and welcoming people.

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